Why We are Here

October 3, 2013

We’re accelerating towards our organizational rebrand, set to launch around the first of the year, with a completely fresh set of tools to share who we are – new name, logo, website, mission statement, and much more. Here’s a mix of some old and new ways we are using to describe our reason for being.

Africa Water and Life is dedicated to helping people groups discover God’s design for abundant life.


Presently, we are focused on partnering with the Arsi Oromo people of Southern Ethiopia. We work side-by-side with the Arsi people and local partners to help communities envision, plan, and implement a development process that emphasizes spiritual life, family livelihood, vocation, and infrastructure. As we attract like-minded individuals and groups in the U.S. to join in our mission, we hope to see the Arsi Oromo transform their communities by breaking the cycle of poverty and achieving their true potential as people made in God’s image.