Student Stories

August 29, 2016

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13 Graduates and Counting.

Ethiopia’s manufacturing and hospitality industries are expanding at a rapid pace. Our partner Selam Awassa Vocational and Technical College is poised to launch young men and women into this environment with knowledge, skills, and most importantly, a spiritual foundation to be successful in this brand new world.

IMG_0282We saw this firsthand when the most reserved of our sponsored students made the greatest use of the micro-business loans given to several Hotel Kitchen Operation graduates. She opened and ran a small cafe under a tree outside a medical clinic in Arsi Negele for over two years until just recently when she was married and returned to live with her family in their village. Besha Adam maintained her shy demeanor but expressed a confidence and determination reflecting the transformation that took place during her time at Selam.

Abdukadr, Moyeta, Mustafa, and Abduraman excellence as students continued once they graduated. Each of them held jobs in Shashamene and Hawassa working for metal fabrication suppliers and auto repair shops. Moyeta has is now working in the industrial of Dire Dawa, northeast of Addis Ababa, where Mustafa, Adukadr, and Abduraman have taken their skills. They are paid well and making a life for themselves that is sure to uplift their families in Arsi Negele.

20130404005657_8263-2458054736-OOur most recent graduates finished their program in July 2015 and shortly after earning their certificates they took to finding jobs at local establishments. Currently, Zeiyni is helping her brother in a small coffee house. Alemitu Birhanu is working at a well known Gezahegn hotel in Hawassa and Beshule Mohammed is employed at Hi Life Hotel, a favorite for international visitors.

IMG_0303Each fall, hope is kindled as students descend upon the campus of Selam Awassa. Some bring the nervousness of living close to the ‘big city’ for the first time apart from the communal life of their family’s rural home. Others return with confidence knowing the year will bring them one step closer to a world of opportunity. One of Selam’s most powerful strategies is having the second and third year students teach those in their first year. Current students Birhanu and Adane will certainly be doing so. This experience is so empowering that when they were enrolled, Abdukadr and Abduraman both expressed interest in teaching professionally after graduation.

Fall enrollment is underway and we look forward to continuing our sponsorship of Birhanu and Adane and hopefully several others. Join us by committing to a monthly donation of $25 or more. Click the button below to make a donation or learn more about how your giving can transform young men and women in Southeast Ethiopia.


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