Savings Groups in a New Area

July 11, 2014

“I love to take care of my SHG members.” These kinds of reflections from Savings Group facilitators in West Arsi are part of why this program has been so successful. Nearly 350 groups are in the process of forming Cluster Level Associations (CLA) – A leadership group made up of 2 leaders from 10-12 Self-Help (Savings) Groups that provides training, experience sharing, and addresses broader geographical community development issues. 30+ CLA are being formed this year.

ArsiBale 2While this is taking place, we are on the cusp of sponsoring a new Savings Group program in the Bale Zone, one of the other areas where Arsi Oromo live in Southern Ethiopia. Our partners with the Kale Hewot and Full Gospel Believers Church feel this area is hungry and ready for the Savings group movement to come to their villages. If the response is anything like what we’ve seen in West Arsi, beginning this program in Bale is going to be outstanding. Next month, Champ Rhodes will visit our partners in Ethiopia to discuss the way forward in administrating and funding the new program. Our church planting efforts have spilled over into Bale but this will be the first community development initiative for us there. We can’t wait to see the life-transforming work of Savings Groups reach the people of Bale.

Bale is a lush, mountainous region
Bale is a lush, mountainous region