Partnerships + Pillars of Life = Transformation

Discovering Light is made possible through an extensive network of field partners around the world. We bring compassionate donors in the U.S. alongside expert leaders and organizations in afflicted communities to tactically provide support and create long-lasting solutions. Through an on-the-ground approach, communities are better equipped to not only create a life of purpose, but also enjoy a future teeming with newfound hope and opportunities.



Full Gospel Believers Church, West Arsi Region

We partner with leaders from this evangelical denomination to implement safe water projects, support small business development through micro-lending, and sponsor inter-denominational church leadership training. We are thankful to work with these great leaders: Haile Dadu, Azariah Shumi, and Pastor Lako Bedasso

Water is Life International

WiLi was our guide into the world of community development in rural Ethiopia. Founder David Harding and WiLi advisor John Troup helped us learn that ‘water alone is not enough’ and introduced us to the ‘Self-Help Group’ strategy. Now we are partners in safe water development and the West Arsi Savings Group Program. Learn more:

Selam Awassa Technical and Vocational College

This post-secondary school provides young men and women an opportunities with training in General Metal Fabrication and Assembly and Building Electrical Installation. One by one, students in this program are launched into new and exciting fields that are moving Southern Ethiopia in a more prosperous direction, with integrity and excellence. Learn more:

Ethiopia Kale Hewot Church, Awassa

EKHC is the implementing partner of the West Arsi Savings Group program, known in Ethiopia as “Self-Help Groups”. Kale Hewot is one of the oldest protestant denominations in Ethiopia and has grown a strong community development organization operating in distinct regions throughout the country. Leadership is provided in West Arsi by Aklilu Lalego and Jemal Etisso, who coordinates 20+ Savings Group facilitators.

Horn of Africa Evangelical Mission

This Ethiopian-led organization is spear-heading a movement among the churches throughout the nation, empowering common men and women to share the love of Jesus and establish churches that do not require paid leadership or church buildings to grow. We sponsor interdenominational training and leadership development, and work with Executive Director Tariku Gebre and local church leaders to design a fruitful strategy for the West Arsi region. Learn more:





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