We employ Pillars of Life, a four-part model to enliven God’s truth and more fully address issues in community development.

Spiritual Life


Church planting

Our approach to evangelism promotes knowing Christ in a highly personal and easily reproducible way. We partner with local leadership and equip them with the resources and training needed to create a full and bountiful church, while building fellowship and hope collectively. Leaders are developed in their local context and churches gather in homes and other natural meeting places. We focus on the development of people, not institutions.


Savings programs

We train communities to overcome their financial hardships through savings groups. Communities save money regularly in a savings account, which is then doled out to members to meet communal needs. Churches are trained to meet local needs by facilitating savings groups in nearby villages. Saving group facilitators are hired and supported by local churches.

Churches are trained to begin serving the needs of their community by facilitating Savings Groups in nearby villages. Saving Group facilitators are hired and supported by local churches. Groups are formed to build local problem-solving capacity and inspire hope by learning to save as a lifelong practice.



Water projects, well-drilling

In villages where we currently work, access to safe, clean water is the greatest infrastructure need. We support safe water development where mature savings groups have helped lift the capacity of a village to manage and maintain its completed projects.

Work & Vocation


Micro loans

We view entrepreneurship as a mechanism to promote the concept of work and how it contributes to the abundant life God intended for us all. Motivated by this concept, we offer micro loans for individuals and groups to start their own businesses.


Vocational training

We sponsor students in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, international cooking, and hospitality — industries that are fully appropriate and advantageous in the geographical markets where we work.

Family & well-being


Savings Group Program

Our savings groups program trains groups of 15-20 men and women to save and lend their own money with one another for basic family needs, , emergencies and income generation, as well as use local resources to solve local challenges. This experience often serves as the first and only opportunity for members to build relationships across familial and religious barriers.