Not to Late to Celebrate

September 18, 2013


In the midst of our Save+Water Campaign and a visit to Ethiopia which focused on some of our other projects, we were thrilled to celebrate the graduation of our first four students in the Selam Awassa Technical and Vocational College. On July 27, Moyeta, Abdukadr, Abduraman, and Mustafa, four young men from the Kalo village area completed their studies in metal fabrication and assembly and building electrical installation. During their three years at Selam, they helped design and produce products for rural farmers and the growing manufacturing sector in the surrounding region. The students who attended Selam during this term helped develop the post-harvest threshers we supplied via loan to 9 (3 groups of 3) young businessmen in Arsi Negele.


The three year program gave the young men an opportunity to learn Basic English and computer skills. In addition, they taught younger students what they learned during their first year. When I met with them a few days following graduation, they were tying up some loose ends and making good on a commitment they made to Selam to work for a few weeks. Like any college graduate, they were nervous about the future. Moyeta and Abduraman shared a desire to work for someone to get started with their careers. Abdukadr is interested in furthering his education, and Mustafa has a more entrepreneurial path on his mind. Whether he starts working for an existing business or starts his own, only time will tell.


Watching these men grow in confidence and skill has been a tremendous privilege for our team. After sponsoring 5 young women in the Cooking School and 4 men in the Vocational College, we are thankful for the relationship we’ve built with Selam. The programs they offer allow us to impact individual lives while we work with our other partners to promote a movement of life and abundance among the Arsi Oromo.