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Meet Warkinesh

"Our family is working hard and making progress."

Meet Warkinesh, a savings group member from Kararem Filecha Community near Shashamene, Ethiopia. Most importantly, she's a mother of 9, ranging from 25 years to 18 months. Her day is naturally spent serving her children and extended family, washing clothes and preparing food from her garden which includes Maize, beets, teff, and mango. She's experienced many benefits as a savings group member, not the least of which is purchasing a sheep for 600 birr ($30 USD) that in turn produced two more.

Membership has also allowed her marriage to thrive. Warkinesh's husband Obsa is a school guard. She loves him and enjoys "greeting him everyday when he returns." Learning to save has allowed them to be honest about their finances whereas they previously hid money from each other. They now "have a mutual respect, agreeing on money decisions and saving for the future." Like any husband, this has made Obsa more joyful. "Our family is working hard and making progress," she said, describing the overall impact of participating in a savings group. These uncommon words are a blessing to hear from this Ethiopian wife and mother.

When you donate to savings groups, you will:

  • Directly impact the lives of Ethiopian mothers
  • Help families experience economic security and long-lasting prosperity
  • Bring more people to know Christ and follow Him