Inside Ethiopia’s Adoption Boom

April 29, 2012

Link: Inside Ethiopia’s Adoption Boom

“She is very special,” said Mrs. Roth, 49 years old. For children like her in Ethiopia, she added, “There is no future.”

This is a fascinating article about international adoption taking place in Ethiopia. For Africa Water and Life, we believe there is a future for such children in Ethiopia. By encouraging the church and empowering communities, particularly through promoting the Self Help Group program in new areas, we are ensuring they have the capacity to care for their children regardless the circumstances. Last summer we visited a group in a remote area that besides maintaining healthy savings pool, had built 3 structures for widows and collected clothing for orphans. The group had only met for two years, but was proud of what they had accomplished in their village. This kind of impact is multiplied wherever the SHGs have grown. We hope to keep it going!