Honoring Moms and Dads in Ethiopia

July 17, 2014

Late last spring, we took Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to honor the men and women in West Arsi who are taking advantage of membership in a Savings Group to improve their life and that of their family. We were excited to tell the story of Gezahegn and Nuritu and your response was fantastic. Nearly $4500 was raised and we had many people share how these stories gave insight into the compelling statistics from the Savings Group program in West Arsi.


This campaign coincided with some fresh information showing the scope of the SG program. Based on the best numbers available, we estimate 4% of Arsi Negele, a district with 303,000 people, has been directly impacted by membership in a savings group. This percentage represents group members and immediate family. Similarly, in Shashamene, around 3% of the population of 408,00 are impacted by the program. This small development is huge considering the program is less than three years old. The growth is so significant our partners are spending considerable time and resources to making sure the groups are established with a firm foundation and the facilitators have sufficient training to continue shepherding the program’s expansion.


Thank you to those who helped make this a successful campaign. We look forward to sharing more inspiring stories of hope and innovation from West Arsi.