Halftime Adjustments – 5Cents4Change

August 16, 2012

We are half-way to the end of our 5Cents4Change Campaign.  There’s a buzz about collecting bottles and cans to help our friends in the West Arsi District. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by September 15. We are only 10% to our goal as of today, but we believe this can happen. 

Here’s a few ways you can maximize your fundraising impact:

  1. Set a recycling goal: How much money do you want to raise by collecting bottles and cans?  Be realistic, but be bold! Tell your friends and neighbors what your goal is so they can help you achieve it.
  2. Tell your friends about what you are doing to help AWL sponsor the Self Help Group program in Ethiopia. For those who can’t help collect bottles and cans, send them an email or post a link, asking them to go to http://www.africawaterandlife.com/5cents.html to learn more and make a small donation to help us reach our goal.
  3. Tell your recycling story on our Facebook page: facebook.com/africawaterandlife.  How many people are helping you collect? Was it easy or difficult taking your bags to the recycle center? 

We’re helping equip rural Ethiopians with the tools to save their own money for basic needs. But the real magic is how Self Help Groups empower people to see their worth and the value of looking to the future. When a group does this together, the impact is multiplied.  Keep this in mind as you ask your neighbors to hand over their recyclables and you head to the redemption center.  Let’s head out and bring it home for the Arsi Oromo in the second half.