Discovering Light?

The reasons for choosing a new name for our organization and undergoing a full ‘rebranding’ haven’t changed since this post from late 2012. But you might be wondering, “Why Discovering Light?” Why no reference to water, or any of our initiatives? Why nothing about Africa or more specifically, Ethiopia? The answer to the last question is simple: Who knows where God may direct us next?…

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February 18, 2014 by Discovering Light

Savings Groups Report, November 2013

In just over 2 years, 325 Savings (Self-Help) Groups have formed in West Arsi, Ethiopia. The groups are from 3 districts or ‘Woredas’ and are comprised of 5307 members. In some areas of Ethiopia, women make up nearly all the SHG members. No so in this region. Out of the 5307 members, 1988 are men and 3319 are women. The men have clearly seen the…

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November 18, 2013 by Discovering Light

Why We are Here

We’re accelerating towards our organizational rebrand, set to launch around the first of the year, with a completely fresh set of tools to share who we are – new name, logo, website, mission statement, and much more. Here’s a mix of some old and new ways we are using to describe our reason for being. Africa Water and Life is dedicated to helping people groups…

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October 3, 2013 by Discovering Light

On June 18, Congressmen Robert Pittenger took the floor of the House to honor the Bill Harding Family for their missionary service of 60 years in Ethiopia. We are privileged to have learned from and work with Bill Harding’s son, David and his fantastic organization Water Is Life International. We thank God for his steadfast love through the generations of the Harding family. Take a…

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June 21, 2013 by Discovering Light

Homegrown: Beyond the Millennium Development Goals

In 2000, the United Nations adopted a plan called the Millennium Development Goals to address the most significant challenges facing Majority world countries in measurable ways by the year 2015. The ambitious plan sought to relieve hunger, improve education, increase employment, and reduce gender inequality throughout the developing world. For example, one of the targets seeks to “Halve, between 1990 and 2015, the proportion of…

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March 8, 2013 by Discovering Light

A one-pager of encouragement detailing the impact of partnering with great organizations like Water is life International, Ethiopia Kale Hewot Church, and the Arsi-Bale Evangelical Fellowship of Churches. These partnerships are multiplied hundreds of times over with village leaders, government workers, churches, families, and individuals in rural villages throughout West Arsi. 

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March 4, 2013 by Discovering Light

Ugly and True, Part I

“There’s an ugly secret of global poverty, one rarely acknowledged by aid groups or U.N. reports. It’s a blunt truth that is politically incorrect, heartbreaking, frustrating and ubiquitous…” So begins a 2010 op-ed by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof detailing the lifestyle choices of many parents in the developing world that prevent their children from flourishing by, among other things, obtaining an education. Kristof gives…

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February 1, 2013 by Discovering Light

“Surely, you can’t be serious.”

by Champ Rhodes The legacy of 80’s era comedies is a ‘plethora’ of phrases we use day to day almost without notice. At an event a few months back, I had the chance to do 30 or so ‘elevator pitches’ about Africa Water and Life. Ironically, I found myself spending most of my time telling people what we weren’t rather than what we were.  I…

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January 15, 2013 by Discovering Light

Inspired by RENEW’s Vision

Check out this fascinating update from RENEW LLC detailing their investment efforts in Ethiopia. Their approach will reach into the rural areas we are touching in due time. Until then, hopefully we are catalysts for rural people (7 out of 8) to arise and reach for the kind of opportunity RENEW helps provide. We look towards the day those world’s merge. May it be soon!…

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August 20, 2012 by Discovering Light

Africa is B-I-G!

This image has come up in a lot of discussions with folks connected to Africa Water and Life lately.  It shows the tremendous size and land resources of the African continent. The infographic was designed by

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June 28, 2012 by Discovering Light