Back to School II

November 17, 2015

One of the greatest joys we have in sending students to Selam Awassa Vocational College is learning their stories. Everyone comes from a unique background and the limited opportunity for education like Selam makes their placement tremendously uplifting. Discovering Light is excited to introduce the two young men selected to attend Selam beginning this fall, supported through your generous donations. Birhanu Adane Mengistu and Adane Mulatu Muareta have completed the previous education requirements and passed the entrance exams, and will now be attending the three year program in General Metal Fabrication and Assembly.

BerhanuBirhanu is 20 years old and hails from Karesa Elala village near Arsi Negele town where he lives with his mother, father and 5 siblings. Following his completion of Secondary School (equivalent to High School in the U.S.), he was self-employed doing odd jobs and helping with his family’s farming activities. Birhanu is he’s encouraged by his new opportunity having seen his two older brothers complete university. He was previously scheduled to attend a local university but financial challenges prohibited him from doing so making his acceptance and sponsorship at Selam especially gratifying.

Adane18 year old Adane Muareta is from Arsi Negle Town. To get a picture of what this area looks like, imagine an old Western Movie where ‘town’ is the one strip of shops and buildings lined for a few miles but just behind you know a different story is told. In the case of Arsi Negele, enter any of thessroads and you’ll see concrete and asphalt is replaced by wheat fields and thatch huts. Cars and motorbikes become fewer and fewer, replaced by donkey carts.

Adane views his education at Selam as a chance to lift not only himself but his family to new heights. His father passed and he’s hoping his graduation allows him to provide opportunities for employment for his three sisters and two brothers. He’d like to open his own car wash and maintenance center. What a ea! In fact, he might want to hire Moyeta, our 2013 Selam graduate who works at the Toyota dealer and repair center in Awassa down the street from the school.

An education at Selam is a pathway. Determination and belief in what is possible through hard work and integrity must go along with all the tools students take with them when they graduate. Thankfully, the leadership is committed to instilling these values and skills in each student that attends the school.