Guided by God’s light, we specialize in four key Pillars of Life to foster long-term, transformative growth and sustainability at the village level. This is how we do it…


Spiritual Life

We seek to bring as many people as possible to know Christ and follow Him. We believe this happens most powerfully when ordinary men and women learn they are uniquely created by him and for him, and become empowered to share this good news with others.



A strong community infrastructure is just as much about motivation and capacity, as it is about resources. Through our work, we develop the physical and social systems, and conditions needed for collective flourishing.


Work | Vocation

We express our God-given creativity and establish His ways on Earth through our relationships with others. Fueled by a deep-rooted belief that God provides us with unique skills and abilities for the workplace, we sponsor initiatives that promote entrepreneurship and develop viable skills for local economies. Our aid in the developing world allows students and workers to experience higher levels of economic security, as well as long-lasting prosperity.


Family | Well-Being

Well-being begins with the basic understanding that every human-being has tremendous inherent worth and creative potential because they are made in God’s image. By surrounding ourselves with people who not only recognize that innate potential, but profoundly support it, we are better equipped for life.