Fueled by God’s Light

Discovering Light was founded in 2008 by a diverse group of men:
A successful business owner. A retired shipbuilder. A former navy pilot. A pastor.

Fueled by God’s light, all sought to mitigate the devastating need for clean, safe water in southern Ethiopia. It quickly became evident; however, that water alone was not enough. Communities were thirsty, but not mainly for water. They were thirsty for life. Poverty was not solely attributable to resources, but rather a lack of empowerment.

Discovering Light’s purpose immediately changed. The focus became supporting and networking with organizations abroad that inspired communities to utilize the resources already at their disposal to propel themselves from their conditions — and discover God along the way!

Angela Kadillak

Angela Kadillak has been an advocate for Discovering Light before we even knew what to we thought we were doing as an organization. She has been committed with us since day one to employing her many gifts, talents, and resources to make a difference in the lives of Arsi Oromo families to the glory of God. Angela was the architect behind our successful Holiday Home Tour and Boutique events. Her mind is always full of creative ways to bring people into the exciting work we’re a part of in Ethiopia. When asked why she is so committed to the Discovering Light mission, she said, “It’s an honor for me to be a part of giving back to others, from what the Lord has given to me. Truth sets us all free, and when others grasp the depth and breadth of Gods plan for His people… potential is limitless. I never tire of watching Him work.”

Doug Martin

Shortly after retiring from 29 years in the shipbuilding industry, Doug Martin’s daughter encouraged him to join a trip to Ethiopia with a group from her church in San Diego. In his own words, the experience was ‘life-changing.’ Seeing the great challenges facing the Arsi Oromo, Doug took up the cause of water development right away, seeking to understand how to responsibly help address the problem. His experience as a systems manager has helped in shaping our vision and strategy.

Joe Rhodes

Joe Rhodes has served as pastor of New Hope Church in San Diego for the past 30 years. His commitment to bring the Gospel to the unreached throughout the world was the catalyst for engaging in Africa. “As we began to work in Ethiopia, our goal expanded from simply helping people embrace Christ personally to wanting to see whole regions transformed by the kingdom of God and Biblical principles. This takes a lot more time and resources, which meant changing our whole approach toward mission; but it’s worth it. I want to see the indigenous church have a significant impact on whole villages for Christ.”

Steve Drake

Steve helped start Discovering Light because of his love for the people and country of Ethiopia. “I’m excited about Discovering Light because it brings ALL resources (monetary, technical, medical, manpower, new ideas) together to assist and equip the people. Most of all, we are reaching out to the multitudes in the name of Jesus Christ.” Steve’s background as a Navy Pilot makes him an expert in the small stuff, but his vision is far greater than the details. “I see Discovering Light bigger than Ethiopia because this organization has the ability to impact more than one country. What about a continent?”

Champ Rhodes

Champ Rhodes is the Project Coordinator for Discovering Light. His passion is to find strategic resources from within southern Ethiopia and from outside that can help them experience what Jesus said: “I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly.” “I just see so much potential in our Ethiopian friends that they sometimes don’t even see in themselves and their surroundings. I marvel at what they do every day just to survive but know God wants so much more for them. As well, I’m inspired by the opportunity to help people in the U.S. think about poverty and the goal of discipling nations more clearly.”