It’s time to change our mind

Thought is catalytic. It has the power to either perpetuate current conditions or overcome them altogether. We aim for the latter.

As individuals and communities embrace the light of Christ, every other aspect of life is altered. Experience the transformation with us.

Change Your Mind

Say goodbye to traditional worldviews of poverty and move toward an empowering mindset the helps communities propel themselves out of destitution and despair — on their own. We instill an ethos that God created a good world, and has provided the means for all people to pursue a healthy and fruitful life.

Create Lasting Impact

We leverage resources and build local capacity to promote positive maturation in the communities that need it most, freeing them from the bondage of fatalism, (and) isolation and dependence that often produces cycles of poverty.

Empower Communities

Our partnerships with community leaders and organizations in the field allow us to execute on the things that really matter. These relationships enable us to provide people groups with relevant services and distinct resources that can help them transform their communities.

Evaluate Success

Our organization’s measure of success is based on people embracing their inherent, God-given worth and value. This is evident when individuals and communities can identify and create solutions to challenges on their own, while being visible bearer’s of God’s light.