A Strong Finish for 5 Cents

October 9, 2012

On July 15, Africa Water and Life began the 5Cents4Change Campaign. Our goal was to introduce you to the concept that rural Ethiopians aren’t destined to be poor, they have great potential, and that their greatest need is hope, and eyes to see the resources all around them. We sought to do this by creatively raising money to fund Self Help Group training, a program that helps Ethiopians practically embrace their potential by learning to save a little money each week. About 5 Cents.

We printed large white plastic bags with instructions for collecting and redeeming plastic and glass bottles and cans, so that we could learn how to use resources that were readily available to us. As many of you learned, redeeming recyclables required planning and time – it wasn’t necessarily easy, which wasn’t the goal. But hopefully, this exercise helped you identify with the Arsi Oromo people we are working among in Southern Ethiopia.

As the campaign ended on Sunday, September 30, your recycling, redeeming, and donations had contributed over $16,000 towards our goal of $25,000 for the Self Help Group Training. Awesome! The training in West Arsi District will continue this year because of your help.

In a few weeks a few of our leaders head out to Ethiopia to see how the groups are growing and to encourage those who lead and facilitate them. We look forward to sharing stories of families with new-found hope, individuals with restored dignity, and communities sowing seeds of prosperity. For all who collected bottles and cans, shared this opportunity with your friends, and gave generously, thank you.